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Cancer – research

Exercise reduces risk of cancer return – could the same be true of dance?

A recent study of breast cancer and colorectal cancer survivors in the US has shown that regular exercise could reduce their risk of cancer returning by half (based on two large epidemiological studies of 20,000 people over 10-20 years). A study in Scotland in 2008 points to similar findings. More and more evidence points to […]

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Study shows art therapy helps children suffering from leukemia

A study in a university in Italy practised Art Therapy with 32 children with leukemia, aged between 2 and 14. It used methods such as clinical dialogue, visual imagination, structured and free drawing and dramatization. Results proved that creative therapy is an effective way of supporting children and their parents as well as preventing permanent trauma during painful treatmnet.

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Cancer – in the media

Singing benefits cancer patients

New research from Wales-based cancer charity Tenovus shows that singing has resulted in marked improvements to cancer patients’ mental health, vitality, social function and pain. The charity has been running a choir, Tenovus Sing for Life Choir as part of a research study into the effects of singing on cancer sufferers.  See the full article […]

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Why plenty of bed rest could be bad advice

– article in Cancer World magazine Doctors are increasingly advising their patients to take moderate exercise five times a week, to speed their recovery, improve their quality of life and help prevent the return of the cancer. It is estimated that inactive lifestyles could account for up to 5% of all cancer deaths, 13–14% of […]

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Cancer – also of interest

Cancer factsheet from the Media Trust

This factsheet provides information on charities working in the field of cancer and how to find more information or volunteer with them.

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Tenovus Choir gives new focus for cancer patients

Tenovus Choir is a choir of people who’ve experienced cancer. Dr Ian Lewis, Head of Research for Tenovus cancer charity said; “The diagnosis and subsequent treatment of cancer can not only have a devastating effect on the person diagnosed but also on their families and friends. Tenovus’ motivation for the choir was to give those […]

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Cancer – stories

Art Therapist Gay Walker used art to help her cope with cancer

“Art therapist Gay Walker’s battle with breast cancer and then uterine cancer eventually would span years and include 10 surgeries. Throughout the struggle, Walker wrote poems, sketched and created visual art to help her cope. When art therapist Gay Walker learned the lump was malignant, she painted lightning to express her shock. Her outrage inspired […]

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Breast cancer

Maggi Gamble only went along to a couple of art sessions during her treatment for breast cancer. It was enough however to give her the confidence to do an art degree. After giving up a career as a nurse due to illness, she is now looking forward to working again, only this time in a very different way.

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