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Lungs – research

Singing benefits older people – including those with COPD

A study investigating the available research into music and singing, looks at how it may be used therapeutically by nurses in caring for older people. It identifies benefits relating to dementia as well as specific disorders including COPD, osteoarthritis pain, post-operative delirium and sleep difficulties. The study concludes that the evidence base to support the […]

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Group singing improves COPD symptoms

A recent controlled trial in Brazil has shown a variety of benefits from group singing for people with COPD, including ‘that singing may acutely promote small and transitory reductions of pulmonary dynamic hyperinflation, and to preserve PEmax in the long run’.

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Lungs – in the media

Singing for COPD patients

The BBC reports on a trial at the Royal Brompton hospital, and a participant talks about the benefit he’s experienced. View the video clip.

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Sing for your heart – Heart Research UK

Heart Research UK believe singing has health benefits for the heart. In a short article to promote their ‘Sing for your heart’ week, they quote Professor Graham Welch, Chair of Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, who points to the affects on oxygenation of the blood, on the endocrine system, and […]

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Lungs – also of interest

Research on singing and lung disease to start in Kent

A new study into the value of group singing for people with lung disease is to be undertaken by researchers at Canterbury Christ Church University, thanks to a grant of 130,000 pounds from the Dunhill Medical Trust. The University’s Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, along with the help of Kent NHS […]

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Lungs – stories


I like to dance and it is very beneficial especially in light of my health conditions … You never know what is around the corner but if you keep yourself physically and mentally strong by doing something like dancing then whatever does happen around the corner probably won’t be as bad…

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