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  • School of Everything – find all sorts of learning opportunities, including local informal groups
  • – find clubs, groups, societies near you.
  • – activities, courses, classes and events anywhere in the world.
  • BBC Sing – includes signposting to find singing groups, as well as advice and tips.
  • Dance Champions – aims to encourage 100,000 new adults to take up dance.
  • Drama Classes – features a UK national database for drama classes and groups.
  • Art Take Part – an initiative of Voluntary Arts Ireland, listing activities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


  • Voluntary Arts regional offices will be happy to help you locate a suitable group. See the ‘About‘ page for more information:
    Voluntary Arts T: 02920 395 395 E:
    Voluntary Arts England T: 0191 230 4464 E:
    Voluntary Arts Ireland T: 02844 839327 E:
    Voluntary Arts Scotland T: 0131 225 7355 E:
    Voluntary Arts Wales T: 01938 556 455 E:
  • Voluntary Arts Directory of Amateur Art & Craft Forms – for detailed information and contacts for everything from accordion playing to embroidery to woodturning, download the Directory, available as two-part pdf – VA Directory part 1, VA Directory part 2.
  • Local authority arts officers – most local authorities have an arts/arts development officer who will be able to give you information about arts in the local area. See the ‘Nalgao – A Good Guide Companion‘ website. Although this was created for arts officers themselves rather than the public, you will find contacts by searching in your particular region.

The links at the end of each of the artform sections below (eg ‘More music organisations’) lead to lists of organisations that represent the many thousands of voluntary arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland. You can also download the full list of voluntary arts/crafts umbrella bodies.


  • BBC Sing – the BBC website’s ‘Sing’ section includes signposting to find singing groups, as well as advice and tips.
  • Music service music groups – Your local authority’s music service, which usually provides services to schools, may also provide adult music groups and tuition. Contact them by visiting your local authority website and searching under ‘music service’ or visiting the Federation of Music Services listing of music services.
  • More music organisations… representing groups ranging from choirs to samba bands, orchestras to steel bands.





Photo courtesy of Preston Arts Festival.





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