‘Guidelines to Art’ by Society for All Artists

Since the SAA (Society for All Artists) created its ‘Guidelines to Art’ method (you can see the full evaluation done by Nottingham University at http://saa.co.uk/images/pdfs/GTA_Evaluation_0709.pdf) it has now trained activity organisers in nearly 600 care homes in the UK, including BUPA, the Order of St John and many others. This has proved very successful and the SAA has followed this up by inviting its members to volunteer to help.

The SAA has over 47,000 members and anyone who is interested in painting can join. It has members from complete beginners to professionals and believes that taking part in creative activities is very good for our heath and wellbeing. For more information, email john@saa.co.uk.

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Originally posted: March 28th, 2011


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