What next?

1. To suggest creative activities to patients or colleagues – download and print/email these leaflets

It’s most likely that you’ve come to this site because you believe in the value of creative activities, and have patients who you know would be interested too. But in case you need supporting materials to make the case, we’ve created two leaflets, one for patients, and one for colleagues, which give more information and a link to this site.

2. To link patients with local voluntary arts groups – visit our ‘Find arts/crafts‘ page.

If you already have a patient or patients want to get involved in a creative activity, visit our ‘Find arts/crafts‘ page to locate suitable groups in your local area.

If you’re concerned about whether a particular can cater for a person’s specific needs, contact the group to find out more. Most will also be only too happy to hear from you how they can make it easier and more comfortable for people to join their group.We’ve already developed a generic factsheet for voluntary arts groups to act as a starting point (see ‘Downloads’ page).

2. To find out more about voluntary arts groups and how they work – visit our ‘About‘ page.

3. To do more than just signpost patients – read on for ideas about partnership working

If you’d like to do more than simply signpost your patients to creative activities, you may like to consider working in partnership with either an arts group in your local area; an arts in health organisation; or one of the many voluntary arts umbrella bodies.

It needn’t cost money or a great deal of time – working in partnership could range from providing advice and information about specific long-term conditions to an arts group or organisation; to developing a pilot project referring your patients to a specific arts/crafts/creative group or organisation.

Voluntary arts groups in your local area
Visit the ‘Find arts/crafts’ page for more details.

Voluntary arts umbrella bodies
Download the Voluntary Arts ‘Directory of Amateur Art and Craft Forms’ which comes in two parts – VA Directory part 1 and VA Directory part 2 . The directory includes a full list of national and regional umbrella bodies representing particular types of arts or crafts, from the Federation for Community Dance, to Making Music.

Arts and health organisations
Arts and Health Dorset Network – www.dorsetforyou.com/artsandhealth
Arts and Health East – www.artsandhealtheast.org.uk
Arts and Health South West – www.artsandhealthsouthwest.org.uk
Centre for Medical Humanities Durham – www.dur.ac.uk/cmh
Critical Connections – www.criticalconnections.co.uk
London Arts in Health Forum – www.lahf.org.uk
Manchester Metropolitan University – www.artsforhealth.org
South East Arts and Health Partnership – www.seah.org.uk

You may also like to visit www.cultureandwellbeing.org.uk for a searchable database of research, practical advice and contacts covering all aspects of arts in health.





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